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Realization of an idea

When it comes to personal hygiene,
a compromise is not an option:

You, as customer, expect qualitative products
which can easily and correctly be used.
Based on this demand, Walters PFLEGEHAND®
was developed in 1999.
Being in need of something to help him
put lotion on his back, Helmut Walter started
exploring the market for such a product.


  Mario Walter, business owner


The finish product

Given that he could not find anything satisfying,
he formed the concept for Walters PFLEGEHAND®.

After one year of developing, registering of patent
specification and market rights, Walters PFLEGEHAND®
was put on the market.

In the course of time, new products were added.
And for this reason, an extensive body care set
is available for you today.


  Helmut Walter, senior partner