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Eincremen des Rueckens 2

Applying lotion with the regular handle


The basis for your total body care:

Using Velcro fastening, the different components
can be easily attached to the universal handle
made out of beech wood.



Universal Handle ‘curve form’

The curved handle is specifically suited
for back treatments, especially if you are
having issues reaching your back.

Anwendung Rundbogenstiel Freistellung


Fuss und Zehenreinger

Foot and Toe Cleaner


For easy cleaning, drying and applying
lotion between your toes:

This foot and toe cleaner is being attached
to the universal handle, then the matching
wash and lotion cap can be slipped on.


Callus File



Easy foot care without having
to bend down:

Due to the velcro fastening, the callus file
can be easily attached to the handle of your choice.

Hornhautfeile 01


Wandhalterung mit Komponenten 1 Anwendung

Wall fixture


Simple attachement:

The wall fixture is a comfortable way
to put away the components, using
the velcro fastening as well.