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Universal handle (16.54 in long) (Code: 1509556)


• Available in the lengths 42 or 57 cm (16.54 or 22.44 in), straight
or curved
• Treated with organic natural wood oil
• Sports a little string to hang up easily after use

This universal handle from "Walter's Pflegehand" (lit. "caring hand")
is made of beautiful beech wood and has been treated with
a special organic natural oil and can be formed in hot steam
to meet your body's contours.
With ease and simplicity you will reach all those hard-to-reach places
and you will ask yourself how you ever managed to do without!
The handy Velcro strap enables you to apply and trade each
and all of the single components for a bath or shower sensation
that you'll never forget!

The components, also from "Walter's Pflegehand",
(sponges, cloths, etc.) are all available here in our shop.
After use, please remove the components and wash these
thoroughly under hot running water. Then simply hang everything
up to dry on the handy and great looking rack that can also
be ordered here!

Choose the handle that best suits your needs. They come in
two lengths and the shape can be adjusted individually.
We have these available in 42 and 57 cm, to best suit your
needs (16.54 and 22.44 in).
Your back and the rest of your body will thank you!

Price: 18.20 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0.1 Kg
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